Customs Compliance

Customs Compliance

The advent of simplified clearance procedures, combined with Custom's policy to move towards post-importation audits, has resulted in fewer and fewer fiscal checks undertaken at the port. This has increased the onus on importers to ensure they are customs compliant.


With provision under the law for Customs to demand retrospective payment of duties (plus interest) covering the previous three years imports, the financial implications of non-compliance can be extremely damaging.


HCL can help to eliminate potential exposure to HM Revenue & Customs by undertaking a full review of current and previously used tariff classifications. For importers using regimes such as Inward Processing Relief (I.P.R), documentary and record-keeping procedures can also be reviewed to ensure that all Customs requirements are fulfilled.

Where errors are identified resulting in underpayments of duty, HCL will recommend appropriate corrective action and advise on how to regularise the position via voluntary disclosures to HM Revenue & Customs.


If you have concerns over any aspect of your import procedures, or are simply seeking peace of mind, contact HCL to arrange a customs health check.

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