Tariff Classifications

Tariff Classifications

Every importing business should be aware of the importance of correctly classifying their products. Establishing the correct tariff classification will determine;

  • The rate of customs duty applicable to the goods at import
  • Any additional duties that may apply, for example anti dumping duty
  • Documentary requirements (e.g. import licences, certificates of origin etc)

As importer of the goods, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that your products are classified correctly, even if you rely on your freight forwarder to provide this service for you.

Finding the correct tariff classification for your products amongst the 14,000 or so codes in the UK Tariff may not be straightforward. Goods falling in certain sectors of the tariff (e.g. clothing, footwear and toys) can be particularly difficult to classify.


HCL can provide a full range of tariff classification services to suit the requirements of any importing business.

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